Macro Day at the GRR-Jan 28th

7 03 2011

I slept in this morning. For some reason I wasn’t feeling well–probably due to the most excellent mohitos served at the bar at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (sigh!) Honestly, they are the best mohitos I’ve ever had.

So after rolling out of bed well after the ‘birding hours’ I decided to strap a Macro lens on one of my camera bodies and see what little buggers I could find.


Jumping Spider-Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Jumping Spider-Gamboa Rainforest Resort


Butterfly-Gamboa Rainforest Resort


And Flies!!

Itty Bitty Little Green Fly-Panama

Itty Bitty Little Fly-Gamboa, Panama


Oh My!!

I don't know what this is, but it freaks me out--Gamboa, Panama



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