Last Full Day, Jan 30th, 2011

7 03 2011

I’m gettin all sad!! I head back to the USA tomorrow, and all I can think about is all the fantastic adventures in Panama that I WON’T have starting tomorrow. Arrrrrrgh!

Ok, now that that’s out of my system, I grab the gear and I head out to see what I can see and shoot what I can shoot.

Went down to the Teleferico area at dawn to see if I could find the Blue Cotinga again, which I did. It was waaaaay early though, so I had to use the flash and I don’t really care for those shots as the flash distorts the beautiful deep blue of the bird in ‘regular’ light.

I got some nice shots of the Yellow Tailed Oriole too, but since I’ve showed ya’ll some better ones from earlier on the trip, I’ll pass on posting those too.

I will post this one, the Red Throated Tanager—I like this shot.

Red Throated Ant Tanager-Gamboa, Panama

And then I saw it–the Dream bird. The Purple Crowned Fairy. I got a really bad shot of one of these when I was here last year, and I’ve been dying to see one again. They’re just magical to watch in flight. They’re a canopy bird, and I’ve never heard of them hitting a feeder, so shots of them are rare. I saw this one for just a couple of minutes, hitting flowers in a tree-top almost directly overhead. This isn’t a great shot by any stretch of the imagination–but it does give you some small idea of the delight of seeing one of these.

A poor shot of a Fabulous bird--the Purple Crowned Fairy


I was also able to watch a Chestnut Headed Oropendula feeding on some monster flowers–but the light was bad for photography. None the less it was fun to watch. He’d reach up with his foot and peel back some petals on the flower for a drink of nectar. These flowers must have been dripping nectar, because when he’d pull away the droplets would fly.

I then saw this butterfly land on a tree–I don’t know the species, but they are really a striking butterfly.

Butterly-Unk Species-Gamboa, Panama

After grabbing a late breakfast at GRR (and an early siesta!) I grabbed the macro lens and found this wonderful red-eyed grasshopper. I figure he must taste like crap–otherwise this coloration seems to me like it’d make him a meal-advertisement to the local birds.

Red Eyed Grasshopper-Gamboa Panama


And then I found this unique jumping spider (unique, in that it seems to be using a beetle shape for its camo) dining on a jumping spider!

Spiders getting together for lunch!

With that, it’s time to head back to the crib and see to the packing–for Manana I head back to the US of A.




3 responses

16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

John, I can’t tell you how glad I am I stumbled on your blog and photo collection from your last year’s trip–or did you point me to it, I can’t remember. If you have videos posted somewhere, I’d love to see those as well. (I know I’ve seen some of your recent ones.) Did you do anything like that for your trip this year? Sure brings back a lot of great memories. LIke you I can’t wait to go back!

1 09 2012

Red Eyed Grasshopper is very nice. tanks

29 12 2012
Dan Jones

I think your butterfly is a Red Cracker. It’s named for the underwings.

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