Hasta Pronto, Panama!! And Muchisimo Gracias! Jan 31st

7 03 2011

Well, tonight I sleep in the US. I’m all packed and ready to go–but I did make a quick walk around Gamboa Rainforest Resort this morning.

I found a nice Red Lored Amazon Parrot…..

Red Lored Amazon Parrot-Gamboa Panama

A Blue Crowned Motmot……

Blue Crowned Motmot-Gamboa Panama

And a Ruddy Ground Dove…….

Ruddy Ground Dove-Gamboa Panama

So many Beautiful Birds, Awesome Animals, Bodacious Bugs…most importantly, Fantastic Friends!!

Special thanks to:

Raul Arias de Para, Carlos Bethancourt–and the entire staff of the Canopy Family at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. You guys are the best!!

Guido Berguido and his Advantage Tours Pamama–Guido is a great guide and handles the demands of large and unique groups with aplomb. Everyone knows Guido, and everyone who knows Guido says, ‘Guido is my friend’. Me too!

Jose Soto and the staff at Gamboa Rainforest Resort. I greatly appreciate your friendship, Jose, and the hospitality of the staff at GRR.

Beatriz Schmitt and Margelys Barria, and the rest of the staff at Panama Rainforest Discovery Center–One of my favorite destinations in the Gamboa area. You guys do a great job.

Gonzalo Horna-Your ‘Birding By Boat’ tours are great, and you’re a great guide. Highy Recommended.

Ida Herrara and the staff at Sierra Llorona–You run a great B & B, and truly enjoyed my stay there!

Ivan Ortiz at Ivan’s Bed and Breakfast-in Gamboa

The staff at Anton Valley Inn, in El Valle

Jennifer Wolcott, Bill and Claudia Ahrens, Alfred Raab, and the dozens of other folks I had the good fortune to meet on my adventure in Panama. I may forget a bird now and again, but I’ll never forget you all and your gracious hospitality.

And now it’s time to go. Hasta Pronto, Panama. It’s been an incredible adventure.

I’ll be adding Panama wildlife images to my website as I find time to process images. You can view them at




One response

11 03 2011
Leslie Lieurance

John –

Thanks for all your posts on your visit to Panama. And the photos are outstanding. I appreciate your selection of the best of the best. Hope to see you again when you return. There are a few species you still want to photograph?

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