Gamboa Rainforest Resort–Jan 27th

7 03 2011

I took another cruise around the GRR today. This is one of the most underappreciated birding spots in the area!!

Both species of Toucan were very much in evidence, Keel Billed and Chestnut Mandibled Toucan’s are all over the place. Here’s a selection for you.

Keel Billed Toucan-Gamboa Rainforest Resort-Panama

Keel Billled Toucan-Gamboa Rainforest Resort-Panama

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan-Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Walking down by the water, I found a nice female Red Legged Honeycreeper preening, and found some turtles basking in one of the offshoots to the Chagres River.

Turtles-aka: 'Swims with Crocs'-Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Smiling Turtle-Gamboa Rainforest Resort-Panama

Red Legged Honeycreeper-Female-Gamboa Rainforest Resort



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