El Torre at Panama Rainforest Discovery Center-Jan 29th

7 03 2011

Oh my, I’m getting short of time here!! Heading home on Monday, the 31st.

So as my time winds down I revisit one of my favorite places in the area. The Panama Rainforest Discovery Center is one of the underappreciated jewels of the area. Great hummingbirds at the feeders (which feature coffee, cold drinks and snacks) along with great trails and the fantastic ‘El Torre’, the 170ft tall tower that soars above the canopy.

I hit the Tower at dawn. My first sighting was a Scaled Pidgeon. A strikingly plumaged bird, no?

Scaled Pidgeon-From El Torre at Panama Rainforest Discovery Center

A few minutes later a magnificent Blue Cotinga dropped by.

Blue Cotinga from El Torre

And then a White Necked Puffbird…..

White Necked Puffbird from El Torre

And a Crimson Crested Woodpecker…

Crimson Crested Woodpecker-from El Torre

And finally, a Great Potoo was spotted through a hole in the foliage–taking in the early morning light.

Great Potoo-from El Torre

I’ve never had a bad morning in El Torre, and this one proved better than most. I also saw and photographed a Gray Headed Kite, a Roadside Hawk, and a hook billed kite, but they were so far away that the shots will reside on my hard drives as ‘ID shots’.

I don’t think I’ll make it back over here before I leave day after tomorrow, so I can only say ‘Muchisimo Gracias!!’ to the staff at Panama Rainforest Discovery Center. The Center is a national treasure, as is so much in this area. They’ve created an oasis of accessibility for many who might not be able to hit some of the more primitive sites such as Pipeline Road, and Plantation road, and the staff is consistently professional and friendly.



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