Gamboa Rainforest Resort-Jan 26th

6 03 2011

Since the Contingas are just there in the very early morning at GRR, and since the light is very low since it’s before sunrise, a trip over there sometimes yields only a dozen shots–and that’s if you’re lucky!  So, I went back over this morning to get more, more, more (I can be a bit piggish when it comes to shots of truly beautiful and rare birds!)

They showed up again this morning, but my luck wasn’t with me as I didn’t get any shots better than what I already have, so I won’t bore you with them. A Cinnamon Woodpecker showed up though, and he put on a nice show for me. He was pecking away at some dead branches, hunting bugs, and his attention was on that, not me.

Cinnamon Woodpecker scratching an itch

Cinnamon Woodpecker-going for the grubs

The Yellow Tailed Oriole dropped by the tree next door to hit the flowers for some nectar. Handsome, handsome birds.

Yellow Tailed Oriole

After shooting more of the ‘usual suspects’ at GRR, I headed up for a nice breakfast (they have a breakfast buffet that’s worth the price of admission!) and then headed home for a nap. Got going later in the afternoon and headed out to follow up on a report about the local Bat-Falcons.

Found this Chestnut-Headed Oropendula gathering nesting materials in a palm tree. The Oropendulas build large ‘pendulum’ nests–hanging sacs–and they’re just getting started in January.

Chestnut Headed Oropendula

Just as it was getting dark, the Bat-Falcon made his appearance. First he perched way up high on a palm-disguised cell phone tower. From there, he watches for the bats to start hunting, which happens right as twilight starts to dim. When he sees one, down he comes. Being a falcon, he’s fast of course, but the truly amazing thing is his manuevering in such dim light. He flies right through trees and thickets going after his prey and it’s amazing to watch. Once he makes a kill, there’s a certain tree in the ‘historic villas’ that he goes to for a ‘perch and dine’ session. Had to use flash–no flash no shot since it was so dark. But wow!!!

Gee Daddy, Why do they call them 'Bat' Falcons???

Bat Falcon with Dinner--Fresh Bat!



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