Sierra Llorona-Dec 24th

5 03 2011

I awoke to the sound of Keel Billed Toucans this morning. Rushing through a shower and grabbing the gear, I hit the yard at Sierra Llorona and found them perched in a big snag, seranading the dawn (and me!).  The Keel Billeds are, as I’m sure you know, one of the ‘signature’ birds of the Neotropics…and for good reason. They look like they were designed by Disney Studios rather than Nature! Looking totally impractical, they survive and prosper in the phenomenally challenging environment of the jungles of Central America. I, of course, and glad they do!!

Keel Billed Toucan-Sierra Llorona, Colon Panama

Keel Billed Toucan-Achiote Road, Colon Panama

Also found a nice looking Red Capped Mannikin haunting the undergrowth of the grounds at Sierra Llorona. One of these days I’ve got to find some on a lek (a courtship display area) and get some video.

Red Capped Mannikin-Sierra Llorona, Colon, Panama

The other species that was most prevalent on the grounds is the Black Cheeked Woodpecker. So of course I got a couple of shots for you to enjoy, so….Enjoy!!

Black Cheeked Woodpecker-Sierra Llorona, Colon Panama

Black Cheeked Woodpecker, Sierra Llorona, Colon Panama



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