Sierra Llorona, Colon….Jan 23rd

5 03 2011

Drove over to Sierra Llorona yesterday afternoon. Sierra Llorona is a very nice little bed and breakfast sitting way up in the hills SW of Colon. The view is great, Colon and the ships waiting passage through The Canal are easily viewed.

The property is birdy, with Toucans, hummingbirds and of course varios woodpeckers and tanagers running through the gardens. I headed down to Achiote Road this morning to meet a local guide (I always recommend local guides. They know what’s going on in their area like no transient guide possibly could) for some great birding. I met the guide at the entrance to the trails at Achiote, and he suggested we take the car down the road a bit since it was still quite early and we had little light. As we headed down the road, a bird flew up from the side of the road and became hung up on the windshield wiper!! Of course I figured the bird was either dead or injured, he’d hit the car pretty good and then caught his leg on the wiper, so I figured we’d find either a broken neck or leg.  It turned out to be a Chestnut Back Antwren, a very handsome bird, and it was OK!! I was delighted to see it fly off into the forest.

Once we parked, we found a White Tailed Trogon right away, and spotted a Collared Aracari too. I was delighted to get some shots of Toucans in flight this morning. Both the Keel Billed and Chestnut Mandibled Toucans put on flight displays for me.

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan-Achiote Road, Colon Panama

Also had a nice flyby by a Yellow Headed Caraca, much to my delight, and later in the morning we spotted a real rarity, a King Vulture—he was a looong ways away, but here’s a shot so you know what to look for. Always binoc the vultures–the higher ones just might be a King!

Yellow Headed Caracara

King Vulture-Achiote Road, Colon Panama

Now that we had good light, we headed into the jungle where we got great views of Chestnut Backed, Dull Mantled, and Immaculate Antbirds. Unfortunately, my photographs of those birds today don’t measure up so they’ll be resident of my computer drives and won’t otherwise see the light of day. I did get a presentable shot or two of Song Wrens–these guys have the craziest vocalization–it’s really fun to listen to them.

Song Wrens, Achiote Road, Colon Panama



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