Back on the Pipeline….Jan 20th

4 03 2011

It’s back in Gamboa, and back to the Pipeline Road for me today.

Waaay down the road I found a Crimson Crested Woodpecker. His pecking was reverberating through the forest, and I finally located him through a hole in the foliage. Handsome birds, these guys are really shy and sensitive to the presence of people so getting images isn’t easy.

Crimson Crested Woodpecker-Pipeline Road

One the way back I ran into a couple of butterfly species–there’s an incredible variety of them down here, though I’m only really interested in the wild ones.

Pipeline Road Butterfly

I also stopped for a bit and studied some of the leafcutter ants that were hard at work disassembling a leaf. Am I the only one who cries for the leaves?

Leaf Cutters Cutting



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