Something a lil Different-El Valle Jan 19th

3 03 2011

Drove down from the highlands yesterday and decided to spend the night at El Valle. Got a room at the Anton Valley Inn (great hotel, reasonably priced with a good restaurant attached) and this morning I decided to just play the tourist. Grabbed a camera body with a couple of wide lenses and did some walking around after breakfast.

At the market, I noticed a vendor with a ‘sno-cone’ cart. Down here, they don’t have the brand name, of course, and the vendor carries a block of ice that he shaves on the spot for you to make your cone. (Block ice lasts a lot longer than shaved ice) I noticed a young gentleman approach the cart and started shooting as he made his selections and paid for his cone for a slice of Panamian life…..

Selecting the flavor-

The Decision-Flavor

Selecting the topping-

The Decision-Toppings Please

Sealing the deal

Panamas GNP just went up about 50 cents

They’ve got buses all over Panama that they call the Red Devils. These are retired US schoolbuses that get sold down here and converted into private transportation. Each buyer distinguishes his bus with a wild paintjob, stereos and other knickknackery to distinguish himself from the competition. This one is TAME compared to some I’ve seen.

Red Devil-El Valle

Red Devil-El Valle



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