Final Chiriqui Day-Jan 18th

3 03 2011

Time to head back to the Gamboa area today. I’m looking forward to the drive south–the last part of the drive up here was in the dark so I’m interested to see more of the highlands in the daylight.

On the way down I stopped by the Volcan Lakes area as I’ve heard it can be quite good. As I neared the lakes, I noted a tour bus stopped with a load of binoculared gray-hairs out and about. I pulled over and asked what was up and heard ‘Leucistic Rufous Collared Sparrow’ (oh my!).  So of course I stopped and drug out the gear!

Leucistic birds and animals are often confused with Albinos. The distinction in the field is the eyes. A true albino has pink eyes, I’ve included a shot from a couple of days ago of a ‘normal’ Rufous Collared Sparrow for comparison. I must say that the coloration on the Leucistic bird makes him pretty special.

Leucistic Rufous Collared Sparrow-Volcan Lakes, Panama

Rufous Collared Sparrow-Volcan Panama

I also took a shot of the area from higher up the hill–gorgeous country, neh? If you head to Panama and get the chance, the Boquette/Volcan area is quite nice. I didn’t get an opportunity to photograph any Resplendant Quetzals on this trip–it was too early in the year for them to be engaging in courtship so they were not easy to find. (I saw one flying, but it was about a half a mile away)

Chiriqui Highlands



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