Volcan, Day 2…Jan 16th

2 03 2011

Day Two in Chiriqui and the birdin is good!!

Up at the cabinas at the top of the mountain I found a couple of nice birds, a Yellow Thighed Finch, and a Large Footed Finch. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot that shows his feet, which are, indeed, Large!)

Large Footed Finch-Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

Yellow Thighed Finch-Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

The next targets of opportunity turned out to be a couple of species of hummingbirds that aren’t found at lower elevations, the Magnificent, and the Magic Hummingbird (I’ve renamed it since I think it must be magic and I can’t figure out what species it is…..I reserve the right to name any species that is not reasonably easy to identify according to me, due to inadequate naming) (A kind commenter has subsequently identified this bird for me as a male Strip-Tailed Hummingbird)

Stripe Tailed Hummingbird-Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

Magnificent Hummingbird-Chiriqui Highlands, Panama



2 responses

2 03 2011
Leslie Lieurance

Perhaps a Garden Emerald. Did you get other shots of bill and tail?

2 03 2011

Yes, and I think you’re right on the ID. Based upon your idea, I examined the other images more closely and compared them closely with the descriptions in the guide–you know your birds, Leslie!

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