Chiriqui Highlands-Volcan Jan 15th

2 03 2011

Took the six hour drive yesterday afternoon to Volcan in the Chiriqui province (right up next to Costa Rica). This area has a lot in common with the southern Costa Rica highlands since the mountains here are an extension of the same range.

Staying at the Los Quetzales Inn, which I’m liking quite a lot. Prices are quite reasonable, the restuarant is quite good, and so far the birding is terrific!!

Took the tractor ride up the valley to where the Inn maintains some cabinas high on the mountain. Next time I come here, I’m staying in one! Completely cool. (And after that tractor ride I’m completely disabused of any notions of taking my 4wd rental up here….don’t even think about it!)

Ran into one of the pretiest little denizens of the higher elevation rain forests, the Collared Redstart. Great bird, neh?

Collared Redstart-Los Quetzales Lodge, Panama

The Yellowish Flycatcher popped up on a stump and posed like a champ for me for a few shots–another great bird, neh?

Yellowish Flycatcher-Los Quetzales Lodge, Panama


And, finally, back down at the lodge, I took a couple of nice shots of the resident Violet Eared Hummingbirds.

Violet Eared Hummingbird-Los Quetzales Lodge, Panama

Violet Eared Hummingbird-Los Quetzales Lodge, Panama

All in all, I’m having a great time here. Ran into lots more species today that are unique to these altitudes. Tomorrow, I’m going to hike the Los Quetzales Trail which runs from Volcan to Boquette. Should be fun!!



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16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

That Collared Redstart–great photo of one of my favorite little birds. The Violet-eared Hummers–the colors on those photos are just poppin’! I’m torn between the plain gray background and the flowers–both just WOW. Do you ever do calendars?

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