Chiriqui day 3, and a couple of Lifers (whooo hooo) Jan 17th

2 03 2011

Ran up to the top of the mountain today. It was a gorgeous day and I took a terrific hike. Such beautiful country!

Right at the start of the Los Quetzales Trail I noted a tiny lil hummingbird gathering spiderwebs. I’m not positive, but it seems to be a female Scintilliant Hummingbird (correction or affirmation would be appreciated.) It was a flying jewel and a real treat.

Scintilliant Hummingbird (female)(possible) Los Quetzales Trail, Panama

Scintilliant Hummingbird (female)(possible)-Los Quetzales Trail, Panama

Further up in elevation, and much deeper in the forest, I found another species I’ve never seen before. I thought it was ‘just’ a plain xenops when I was taking these images (the white eybrow pointed me in that direction), but then I found by refering to the Guide that it’s a Ruddy Treerunner. What beautifully subtle plumage!! I’d never have believed that a bird named ‘ruddy treerunner’ would be so beautiful (this might be another candidate for a renaming…I’ll give that some thought)

Ruddy Treerunner-Los Quetzales Trail, Panama



One response

2 03 2011
Dave Afdem

John. These photo’s are incredible. You have such a talent. Let me know when I can join you on your next journey.
This is truly good stuff.

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