Crakes and Orioles….Jan 12th

1 03 2011

Hit the Ammo Dump Ponds this morning. With the high water levels the White Throated Crakes have been unusually visible and they did not disappoint this morning.

White Throated Crake--Ammo Dump Ponds, Gamboa Panama

Oh, and the Yellow Tailed Oriole came out to play too!!

Yellow Tailed Oriole-Ammo Dump Pond, Gamboa Panama



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10 04 2011

Great photos! Some of the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of Neotropical bird photos. One of them, your “Magic Hummingbird,” is a male Stripe-tailed Hummingbird (not a Garden Emerald). Notice the buffy brown color on its shoulder–Garden Emeralds are much smaller hummers and have none of this color. Also, this is a Yellow-backed Oriole at the Ammo Dump Ponds.

10 04 2011

In addition, that’s a White-throated Crake, a Red-capped Manakin, a Large-footed Finch, and a Yellow-thighed Finch.

25 06 2011

Very very beautiful. I love the shots of the birds in flight. I whish that one day I can be as good as you . I have always been an amature and was out of photography for some years(it being just a hobby) but I always take the time to visit photography sites on the web.

The only camery I own is a point-and-shoot Nikon P500 which only came out in March 2011 so I try to be as creative as I can . I hope that I can reach your standard some day. Best wishes

ps If you give me an email address I can share my photos with you from time to time


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