Birdin by Boat with Gonzalo Horna…Jan 14

1 03 2011

Headed out this morning for some Birding by Boat with my friend Gonzalo Horna.  With the high water levels of December, the boom which blocked travel up the Chagres came down, so we headed up the Chagres to see what we could see.

I was delighted to get some new, and good, shots of one of my favorite lil birds, the Common Tody Flycatcher. These guys are such bold little devils!

Common Tody Flycatcher-Gamboa Rainforest Resort

And then the Kingfishers turned on. We found Amazon Kingfishers, American Pygmy Kingfishers, and Ringed Kingfishers. Whew!!

Ringed Kingfisher, while 'Birding By Boat' with Gonzalo Horna

Amazon Kingfisher-Chagres River 'Birding by Boat' with Gonzalo Horna

American Pygmy Kingfisher-Chagres River while 'Birding by Boat' with Gonzalo Horna

Finally, we ran by this immature Snail Kite perched in the floating vegetation.

Snail Kite while Birding by Boat with Gonzalo Horna

With that, it was time for me to go. I’m heading up to the Chiriqui area this afternoon to get a shot at some of the species unique to that area.



2 responses

1 03 2011
Ian Newton

John, I think it’s a male Green Kingfisher not Amazon! I’ve shot both and the Amazon has a white breast.


1 03 2011

Thanks Ian, I appreciate your comment but do believe it to be an Amazon. The Green has considerable spotting (white spots on the wings) which is absent here, and the bird-ID-guides do indicate that the male Amazon has a rufous belt.


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