Subtle Beauties…..Jan 8

28 02 2011

With all the gloriously colored birds in Panama, it’s easy to overlook some of the more subtle beauties. Today I stuck to the yard again, and captured these three for your perusal.

Greater Ani--Gamboa Panama



The Greater Ani is most often a forest lurker–I saw my first one on an Army Ant Swarm…but since that same swarm also had TWO Rufous Vented Ground Cuckoos…he got ignored!! This one was just passing through, looking for some action.


Next up is a Buff Throated Saltator. These are fairly common at the feeders, but I haven’t seen them in the wild very often. Primarily a frugivore.

Buff Throated Saltator-Gamboa Panama

Lastly, I submit the Palm Tanager for your consideration. One of the more subtly colored tanagers, they really are beautiful if you catch them in soft light.

Palm Tanager-Gamboa Panama



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