Crimson Backed Tanager, Jan 10th

28 02 2011

Spent the day in and around the Gamboa Rainforest Resort today and it turned out to be quite productive.

Right by the ‘Historic Villas’ I spotted a Crimson Backed Tanager preening in a tree. He didn’t seem to notice me, so I had a chance to really  work him over.  These are tough birds to photograph. They’re quite the shy bird, and difficult for that reason alone. Then, if you catch then in the sun, it’s really hard to get the black head and that white lower bill without losing either the whites or the blacks. In the shade, that’s where you want them. I was pretty happy with this one!

Crimson Backed Tanager-Stretching

Next, right up in the parking lot of the resort, I spotted a Yellow Headed Caracara in one of the palms, right at eye level. The palm was fruiting along it’s trunk, and that was attracting insects and the insects were attracting lizards, which piqued the Caracara’s interest, and mine!! Again, this fella was in the shade so I was able to get one of those wonderful soft-light exposures on him.

Yellow Headed Caracara

Lastly, I found these two Orange Chinned Parakeets making all lovebird-like on a branch.  It was a good day at Gamboa Rainforest Resort!!

Orange Chinned Parakeets



One response

20 07 2012
l. strauss

Dear Mr. Afdem. would you allow me to use your wonderful crimsom-backed tanager photo as a reference for an acrylic painting?
yours, Linda S.

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