The Tower at Rainforest Discovery Center-Jan5th

27 02 2011

Climbed the Tower at Rainforest Discovery Center again this morning–I just love this place!!

I was very surprised to see Fasciated Antshrikes feeding in the canopy this morning. It’s the first time I’ve seen them up here, they’re usually seen at eye level or below down on the forest floor. Talking to some of the guides in the area some are speculating that this might be due to the problems caused by all the rain. We’ve been seeing Capucin Monkeys feeding on the ground a lot lately, and speculation is that the constant rain has stopped the trees from fruiting, which is causing disruption in the normal food-chain in the jungle.

Whatever, I’m a selfish pig and so was just delighted to find this bird up here where I could get some nice clear shots.

Fasciated Antshrike (female)-Rainforest Discovery Center Tower

Also had a Black Throated Mango hummingbird perch up in the canopy this morning. This was the first time I’ve seen/photographed this bird and she’s a real beauty!

Black Throated Mango-Female



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