Pipeline and Summit Gardens-Jan 6th

27 02 2011

Hit Pipeline Road again this morning at first light. Still very muddy out there and it was tough finding subjects. About 3 clicks in I heard a Collared Forest Falcon calling loudly and after locating it I was able to get s few decent shots. Not the pose I’d like, but I’m happy with it as these can be tough birds since they are difficult to find (normally) and usually quiet and under the canopy.

Collared Forest Falcon-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

Also ran into another one of what I call the ‘Magic Butterfly’ species. These transparent winged butterflys are really quite special.

Magic Butterfly-Pipeline Road


In the afternoon, I went over to the Summit Botanical Gardens to see what could be seen. They have a captive Harpy Eagle there which is worth stopping by for, and I found some nice birds on the grounds which included great views/shots of this Tropical Gnatcatcher.

Tropical Gnatcatcher


After dark I headed over to the frog ponds at the Smithsonian facility in Gamboa. We had a professor and several of his students arrive at Guido’s place and we all went over to take night shots of the Red Eyed Frogs and Hourglass frogs that are resident there. Fun stuff!

Red Eyed Frog-Smithsonian frog pond, Gamboa



One response

28 02 2011
Ian Newton

John, really enjoying your blog updates, don’t send too many at once, we want to savour them!


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