Gamboa Rainforest Resort-Jan 4th

27 02 2011

Hit the GRR again this morning. Headed down to the Orchid display area and parked there, walking toward the teleferico with my primary mission being to find and photograph the American Pygmy Kingfisher that frequents the small pond there. No joy on the kingfisher, but I did score some great shooting of a Common Tody Flycatcher (one of my favorite subjects, but tough to photograph well since they are so tiny, fast, and high contrast.

Common Today Flycatcher-Sunning


Also saw the resident White Necked Puffbirds, and got some nice shots of the Red Throated Ant Tanager. These Tanagers are lurkers, but vocal lurkers who will respond to calls played from an ipod.

Red Throated Ant Tanager

Took the afternoon off so I could run in to town in my Neverending Quest to get this damned computer working right (it won’t run off the cord, so I’m restricted to battery-life sessions with it followed by hours to recharge–very frustrating)



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