Gamboa Rainforest Resort and the Ammo Dump Ponds, Jan 3rd

27 02 2011

Took a cruise through the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (GRR) this morning.

GRR has some of the birdiest areas in the Gamboa area, in my humble opinion. It’s one of the best places—if not the best–to see toucans in the area, and has an incredible variety of other species including two reliable species of trogon, White Necked Puffbird and lots more.

Hitting the ‘historic villa’ area this morning I got some nice shots of some parrots and then was thrilled to see my first Crane Hawk. These guys always look a little sinister as they stand/perch with a bit of a a hunch. He only hung around for a few shots, but I was quite pleased to see him nonetheless.

Crane Hawk-Gamboa Rainforest Resort

I then headed down towards the road to the Teleferico. Found a nice Common Tody Flycatcher along with a beautiful Keel Billed Toucan in the early morning light. Just below the Teleferico itself, I found a young Rufescent Tiger Heron who really put on a show. He was about six feet off the ground, which put him at eye level from the road, and I was able to ‘work’ him for a solid half hour as he walked around his perches and watched for prey. Gorgeous young animal.

Rufescent Tiger Heron


After a nice lunch at GRR I  spent the afternoon at the crib and enjoyed a nice siesta. Late in the afternoon, I headed over to the Ammo Dump Ponds to see what I could see as the light faded. I’d seen a Yellow Tailed Oriole at the ponds a couple of times before and that is always a bird worth pursuing. Tonight he came out and played. I first saw him perched up on some grass and he was so focused on his hunting for prey that he pretty much ignored me as I maneuvered around for my shots. This is a young bird, so the plumage isn’t the ‘take your breath away’ beautiful as it is on a mature bird, but pretty nice anyway, dontcha think?

Yellow Tailed Oriole




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