Panama Rainforest Discovery Center–The Tower –Dec 31st

25 02 2011

Went up the Tower again this morning.

Had a nice surprise up there today. It was a pretty slow day but I did spot a Blue Cotinga—about a mile and a half away!! Blue Cotinga have been tough so far, this is the first I’ve seen. Carlos Bethancourt had asked me a couple of times if I’d seen any from up in the tower as they’ve been pretty scarce for the Canopy Tower guides as well. This one wasn’t close enough for a shot (well, actually, I got a shot or two, but they’re about six beautiful blue pixels out of a 22 million pixel image–this bird was waaaaay out there…even the 800 wouldn’t make it into a decent shot. At least I know they’re out there though!


I did get some nice shots of a Howler Monkey….well, they’re ‘nice’ from the perspective of being technically ok….but jeeeeez, would somebody put some PANTS on these bad boys!!

Howler Monkey--Probably a male judging from the predominant jaw which is diagnostic

So that was it….made it a short morning as I need groceries and to get my laundry done today. Everything I own is covered with red mud from all these rains we’ve been having (Each day I go out on these trails I come back with mud at least to my knees!)

Heading over to the bar tonight to have a drink or two, celebrate the new year, and try to get the image of that Howler Monkey’s ‘endowment’ out of my mind.

Happy New Year!



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