Ammo Dump and the Pipeline-Dec 30th

25 02 2011

Still wet around here—went down and hit the Ammo Dump Ponds on the way to Pipeline this mornings. With the rain comes high water levels in the ponds, and with the early morning overcast the White Throated Crakes are not as shy as they are in direct daylight, so it’s been pretty easy to see them. You can ALWAY hear them calling in the early morning hours, but seeing them is hit and miss even when conditions are perfect (like they are now.)

White Throated Crake-Ammo Dump Ponds

White Throated Crake with Green Heron in the background-Ammo Dump Ponds

Also makes for good hunting for the Rufescent Tiger Herons, so they’ve been pretty active as well.

Rufescent Tiger Heron-Ammo Dump Ponds

Hit the Pipeline after the Ammo Dump cooled off. Had nice views of a Slatey Tailed Trogon and a Black Throated, along with Western Slatey Antshrike, a Rufous Mourner (beautiful bird, but the shots I captured were pretty brush obscured so didn’t make the cut for posting). I did find a nice Leaf Litter Frog (that’s not an offical ‘species’, I suppose, but that’s what we novices call them)

Leaf Litter Frog-Pipeline Road



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