Achiote Road CBC-January 2nd

25 02 2011

Got up waaaay early this morning and headed towards Colon. I arrived at the Panama Canal crossing as a ship was going through so had to wait, and while I was waiting I noted a car full of folks who were sporting binoculars. Once we got across the canal (at this end of the canal, you cross over the top of one of the gates, unlike the southern end that has a couple of bridges) I saw them stop so I did to and asked if they were here for the CBC–shore-nuf!  So I hung with them for the day. Very nice group, let by Jennifer Wolcott, who’s retired down here.

We all turned out to be pretty amateur birders–we kept hearing calls that we couldn’t identify so our bird list for the day suffered!! Nonetheless, we had a great time and did find a bunch of birds we could ID.

We hit the areas by the Canal, and then headed over to Achiote Road for as the day went on. Around noon, we went to the Marina and had lunch, and then I took a drive over to Fort San Lorenzo as I’d never been there before. It’s a great old fort, overlooking the Chagres River spilling into the sea. Captain Morgan captured it as a key step in the famous Sack of Panama. Speaking of which, there’s an excellent book by the same name which I recently read. Full of fascinating information about the historical period leading up to the Sack. Most interesting to have read if you’re going to Panama (The other book that is a MUST READ is Path Between The Seas)

My pictures for the day were highlighted by this shot of a Keel Billed Toucan (if you don’t like Keel Billed Toucan’s, you just gotta be mean-spirited–imho, of course)

Keel Billed Toucan-Achiote Road, Colon Panama

Also ran across my second White Tailed Trogon (come to think of it, my first White Tailed Trogon was when I went over to Canopy Tower to do the CBC for the Gamboa area, so the CBS’s been very good to me!)

White Tailed Trogon-Achiote Road, Colon Panama

Lastly, as we came across a Tamandura crossing the road on our way to the San Lorenzo area. Nice to get one of these out in the open!

Tamandura-Colon Panama



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