Merry Christmas! I got nice gifts, check them out! Dec 25th

22 02 2011

Headed over to Pipeline Road this morning and never made it all the way. Near the entrance, there are some side roads that they used to service the ‘ranges’ (sight ranges that the ships use in transiting the canal–they’re huge X signs aligned in huge clearings).  As I was driving past, I saw a couple of birds flitting around so pulled over and walked in.

First up, a very nice view of a Gray Chested Dove

Gray Chested Dove--Pipeline Rd, Gamboa Panama

As I got further in, I found this Rusty Margined Flycather feeding on a small Army Ant Swarm

Rusty Margined Flycatcher-with Prey item-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

And then I found the boss of the swarm, a beautiful Rufous Motmot. This particular motmot is typically more shy than the other species and can be quite difficult, but it’s also much more of an ‘antbird’ than the other motmots, frequently found associating with swarms. And like the other birds, when they’re on a swarm, they’re not shy. Nice

Rufous Motmot-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

What you get under your tree when you spend Christmas in Panama!

Headed back to the crib for a show, change and siesta, and woke to the high chirping calls of the troop of Geoffroy’s Tamarins that frequent Guido’s backyard in Gamboa.

Geoffroy's Tamarin, Guido Berguido's Backyard, Gamboa Panama

Merry Christmas? You bet.



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