El Torre, The Pipeline, and Canopy Tower, Oh My! Dec 23rd

22 02 2011

What a great day.

Spent the early morning up in the tower (El Torre) at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center.  Once the sun got high I whipped around the corner for an nice walk down Pipeline Road, and then spent the evening going over to Canopy Tower for dinner and some birding from the top.

On El Torre at dawn for a pretty productive morning. Watched and photographed Fasciated Antshrike (an unexpected bird way up in the canopy like that) White Shouldered Tanager, Lineated Woodpecker, and several species of unidentified warblers and flycatchers (to be ID’d later when I get some time). Also had a nice Tropical Gnatcatcher–quite the handsome little bird!

Down on Pipeline Road I ran into a very nice mixed flock that was feeding in the vine tangles. Dot Winged Antwren, Checker-Throated Antwren and Western Slatey Antshrike. Oh, and a most handsome Southern Bentbill. Great shooting but very challenging as these birds are movers, and tracking them for pictures through vine tangles is a real challenge.

Southern Bentbill w/ Lunch, Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

Dot-Winged Antwren (Female)-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

Back to the crib for a shower, a nap, and a change of clothes and then it was up the Canopy Tower for dinner. We arrived a bit early which gave us a chance to spend some time at the top of Canopy Tower and I was thrilled to see another Short-Tailed Hawk tonight. This one was hunting right over the tower at times and was a real thrill to watch.

If you’re in the area and not staying at Canopy Tower, I highly recommend that you call and get a dinner reservation. You’ll get a very nice meal, meet some very nice folks, and see some very nice birds!

Short Winged Hawk-Canopy Tower, Gamboa Panama



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