Christmas Eve Dec 24th

22 02 2011

Spent the morning up in the tower at Panama Rainforest Discovery Center.

I’ve got to give another pitch for the Discovery Center. Right down by Pipeline Road (actually on a spur off the road…two kilometers in)  They’ve got a 170 foot tall tower that is a GREAT place to be at the crack of dawn. It provides opportunities for Canopy Species at eye level and even when there aren’t any birds of animals in view, the place is just a wonderfully relaxing place to spend a morning. They’ve got great trails, very well maintained and very birdy, and a deck where you can enjoy a soda or a cup of copy, converse with very knowledgeable staff about the natural history of the area, and watch dozens and dozens of hummingbirds of 8-9 species at the feeders. There are often transient birds from the deck that are worth the hanging out for too. I’ve seen several trogons, puffbirds, mannikins and lots of warblers, antwrens and motmots from the deck.

Dot Winged Antwren-Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, Gamboa Panama

Also saw a mystery bird from the Tower this morning. This was a raptor and waaaaay far away. In the early morning light/fog he was difficult to see and image, but I did my best. Some who’ve seen this image think it’s a Yellow Headed Caracara, and some think it’s an immature Gray Hawk. I’ve always believed that Opportunity resides within Ambiguity, and so I’ve decided that it’s a new species. It appears to me that it’s a cross between a Harpy Eagle and an Albino Ornate Eagle.  I am sooo lucky!!

New World Record??? A Cross between a Harpy Eagle and an Albino Ornate Eagle??

After a relaxing morning at the Discovery Center, I went back to the crib and showered and changed. Headed over to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort for a very vast repast. They put on a Turkey buffet (Hmmmmmmmmmm….do I get to add Turkey to my species list?) and so I enjoyed a great meal and some socializing at the bar. All in all, a very nice way to spend a Christmas Eve.



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16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

“I’ve always believed that Opportunity resides within Ambiguity”….that philosophy has a strong following among certain birders, as you found with your Cocoi Heron and “False Potoo” guys a couple days before 😉

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