Some Days….(#@!@#^#!)…… Dec 22

21 02 2011

Went down to Plantation Road with a couple of nice fellas, father and son team, who took a room at Guido’s place a day or two ago.

It proved to be an interesting day, to say the least.

For background, these guys were pretty serious birders–unlike me. They were pretty intense about ‘getting their birds’.

We first stopped by the Ammo Dump Ponds where The Younger called out excitedly, ‘Cocoi Heron’.  I got him in my viewfinder and said, ‘Are you sure, that looks like a Great Blue Heron (GBH) to me..”.  He swore he knew his birds and dutifully wrote down ‘Cocoi Heron’ on the bird listing journal  (for the uninitiated, the Cocoi Heron is the same shape and behavior as the Great Blue Heron, but the coloration is Black and White instead of the predominantly blue of the GBH)

So I took the shot…..which turned out to be yet another shot of a GBH, and not a good one at that.

Lesser Cocoi Heron ('Lesser', because it's a Great Blue)

Next, we took the road down to the Discovery Center and stopped where a Great Potoo had been reported. Scanning the suspect tree The Elder called out, ‘I go him!!’. So I pulled out the camera and got it in the viewfinder. I responded, ‘That doesn’t look like a bird to me….it looks like a broken stump’. “Oh, it’s him alright’, he replied, ‘I just saw him move his mouth!’. So I dutifully shot a few pictures………….Now I’ll admit…it’s a damn nice shot of a limb…but it’s sure not a shot of a Great Potoo. (But I’m betting dollars to donuts it’s on a certain pair of birders list of birds seen in Panama!!).  Oh well, it takes all sorts!

False Potoo ('False', because it's a tree limb)



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