Plantation Road–Dec 21

21 02 2011

Headed down to Plantation Road –it’s the road I really want to love, but although she’s attractive, she too often doesn’t put out the birds for me.

Today was slow…long hot walk up and a long hot walk back. When you don’t find an ant swarm on Plantation is can be a real disappointment and a lot of work since it’s ALL uphill for the first 4k.

Found a nice ‘leaf litter’ frog though. These guys have GREAT camo, when they are sitting amoung leaf litter they flat disappear. I’ve sat there shooting one from 5 feet way, looked away and lost one…when he hadn’t moved and my lens was still pointing right at him. The pattern really fools the eye.

Leaf Litter Frog--Plantation Road, Gamboa Panama

Next up is a Western Slatey Antshrike. These are pretty ubiquitous anywhere around Gamboa. This one posed nice for me.

Western Slatey Antshrike-Plantation Road, Gamboa Panama


Finally, I present to you the Killer Palm of Death. This is the trunk of one of the Bad Boy plants of the Rainforest. Run up against, or grab this one without looking, and you are at the start of a bad day. Those spines can run 5 inches long, and they’ve got chemical defenses on top of just being one heck of a painful little spear in your flesh.

Death Palm Trunk-Plantation Road, Gamboa Panama



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