Pipeline Road and Guido’s Backyard, Dec 20th

21 02 2011

Went out to Pipeline Road this morning. Still sloppy out there but always worth a visit.

Ran into a (very backlit) three toed sloth right away, but passed on photos due to the backlight. Next, I found a Slatey-Tailed Trogon in the same situation…took a few shots but nothing compared to the better shots of this species I’ve gotten earlier in the trip.


Next up….oh my, the Great Jacamar again. He put in an appearance but nothing like the incredible show I had a few days ago. Got some shots, but not worth posting here.

Headed back to the crib in Gamboa after a long hot slog. After a quick shower and change I set up on the feeders to see if I could get a shot of a Red Legged Hummingbird in flight…..and I did!! Hope you enjoy it……

Red Legged Honeycreeper in flight--Guido Berguido's Backyard-Gamboa

Then I caught some movement up in the trees that surround the yard. Oh my, Three Toed Sloth, and he’s posing for me, nice!

Three Toed Sloth-Guido Berguido's Backyard, Gamboa Panama



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