Hitting the Pipeline–another Pheasant Cuckoo! Dec 17th

20 02 2011

Hit the Pipeline road again today. Quite wet out there with all the rain, so it’s a bit of a slog, but a productive slog today.

About 2 clicks (kilometers) down the road I heard that ‘crunching’ sound of a feeding Pheasant Cuckoo again. Right off the side of the trial I spotted the bird on the ground, doing his crunching sound and feeding well. It was very difficult shooting as the light was minimal and the brush the cuckoo was feeding in was thick, thick, thick. After about 15 minutes he popped up on to a perch that was about 3 feet off the ground and did some preening….

PHeasant Cuckoo-Pipeline Road-Feeding

Pheasant Cuckoo-Pipeline Road-Perched

Pheasant Cuckoo-Pipeline Road, Perched Mo Better

Lastly, I found this stickbug. Now, this is just a regular stickbug, but this image is instructional. Every photographer knows that a nice background can make the shot. This background, in particular, I find really, really nice. It’s soft and warm….almost breath-taking. Really adds to the shot, don’t you think?

Stickbug-with a beautiful background





3 responses

21 02 2011
Raul Arias de Para

where is the stick bug?

21 02 2011


26 02 2011

Hey Jonny, I’m no expert but shouldn’t you have used a larger f stop for more DOF on this one?
Nice capture of an interesting insect.

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