Day Off–Dec 18th

20 02 2011

Took the day off today. Well, not totally. Went up to the Tower at the Discovery Center at dawn. Unfortunately everything I saw up there was about a mile away. As a result, I got a few ‘documentation’ shots, but nothing that made it past the delete key on later review.

Drove into town and bought some groceries, and on the way back stopped at the Radison Summit Golf Resort for lunch. Wow! GREAT food, quite reasonably priced, and the staff at the restaurant there was really excellent. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a nice meal out Gamboa way (the only other alternative there are the restuarants at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort…they’re excellent restaurants but a bit pricey and I must say that in some cases their staff could take a customer service lesson or two from the folks over at the Summit hotel.

Heading over to the Canopy Tower tomorrow to do the Christmas Bird Count with Carlos Bethancourt and I hope to see Bill and Claudia Ahrens up there too. (You’ll remember Bill and Claudia from Cerro Azul fame–great folks with some of the best yard birds (and mammals) in Panama). Should be fun!



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