Up on El Torre–Dec 15th

19 02 2011

Went up to the Tower at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center at first light this morning.

I find the Discovery Center to be one of the underappreciated places in Gamboa. Between the trails, the hummingbird feeder area, and El Torre (the Tower) there are a lot of opportunities for some great shooting.

When I first got up there is was pretty quiet. Sometimes the minute you get up there and scan around you can pick up 3 or 4 nice species perched in the treetops, but not this morning. Because I didn’t see targets, I got a little ‘introspective’ and started looking around for Macro subjects.

The first thing I found was a very sharp little jumping spider who cooperated for a few shots (good thing about the tower, if your subject is on the tower, it doesn’t have much choice—it’s cooperate or take a loooong jump down!)

Jumping Spider-Rainforest Discovery Center Tower

The nextt thing I found was a little lizard that had perfect camo for the white fungus that covers so many of the treetrunks in the jungle. Great looking little animal.

Canopy Dwelling Lizard--Discovery Center Tower-Gamboa Panama

Once it warmed up, the hawks came out to play. Oh Joy! A White Hawk. Gorgeous animal, isn’t it?

White Hawk-From the Tower at the Discovery Center

Once it got hot up on the tower, I went down to the hummingbird feeder area to buy a cold soda. Since I’ve taken so many shots of the ‘usual suspect’ hummers that frequent the area, I didn’t shoot until this beauty showed up. A Black Breasted Puffbird…a bird I’d not had for a subject before, and this one was pretty darned cooperative, perching an hunting the area for a solid 45 minutes before he took off.

Black Breasted Puffbird




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