Jacamar? Great. Great Jacamar? GREAT!! Dec 16th

19 02 2011

Hit the Pipeline Road today and things were poppin on the Pipeline. Ran into some White Faced Capucin monkeys and many of the usual suspect birds (Western Slaty Antbird, Fasciated Antbirds, Dot-Wingeds, etc. Then I heard a high twittering little call and got a little excited Long Billed Gnatwren. TINY little bird with a very hummingbird-like bill, and a total pain in the hind end to get into the viewfinder. This thing hops around like nobody’s business and never seems to sit still long enough to get a shot.

But I got one…..Long Billed Gnatwren

Long Billed Gnatwren-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

Oh, oh, oh, and then I found HIM. The Great Jacamar. You may remember me refering to him in an earlier post. I’ve looked for him a number of times, and heard a few stories from others who’d found him (always around the next bend in the trail, but never for me!). Well, today he was there. He was hunting right on the road and I was flatly amazed at how beautiful they are. He spent a lot of time in the sunlight and the metallic sheen of his feathers is something to behold. I hope these images give you an idea…but trust me…in real life they are even more beautiful.

Great Jacamar-Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama

Great Jacamar-Pipeline Road

Lastly, on the way out, I ran into a nice male Howler Monkey. Enjoy.

Howler Monkey-Male, Pipeline Road, Gamboa Panama



2 responses

16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

You’re probably getting tired of hearing me say this, but THAT is one beautiful bird. When we’d see it it was always backlit against the sky or otherwise not ideal, so your images are stunning, makes you feel like you’re holding it in your hand. What a superb bird. And that Howler, like I said in my comment on your photo page, is one of the best portraits I’ve ever seen!

16 05 2012

No, not tiring at all Mary Ann. I’m delighted you’re enjoying my blog! (and your kind comments make the work I did on it re-worthwhile!!

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