Rain, and more Rain-Dec 8th

12 12 2010

Oh my. It’s Chris’ last day in Panama, and it’s raining still. Sometimes it drizzles, sometimes it pours, sometimes it torrents. The Rio Chagres is running very high, and they’ve closed the Canal to traffic because of all the vegetation coming down the Chagres. The Canal looks like a Latte with all the sediment that’s being washed down. What’s a photog to do?

Yard birds–that’s what. We shoot the yard birds from the protection of the veranda.

Now, you’ve all seen the Red-Legged Honeycreeper–beautiful bird. Just a tad slower than a hummingbird, these lil fellas love the nectar….but they’ll munch on a banana or other soft fruit too.

Red Legged Honeycreeper-Male, Gamboa, Panama

What you may not have seen is the fact that they’ve got yellow feathers under those jet-black wings. Only visible in flight. So our mission is to get some images of these fast little devils that show those beautiful yellow feathers.

Red Legged Honeycreeper-Flight Shot, Gamboa, Panama

Mission Accomplished.

Oh, and while we were at it, we picked up a few nice shots of Shining Honeycreepers in flight too!

Shining Honeycreeper in flight, Gamboa, Panama



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5 02 2011
William Leigh

Nice flight shots for the Honeycreepers! beautiful birds…

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