More Rain? You’ve got to be kidding me! Dec 10th, 11th, 12th

12 12 2010

Whooo Boy!

This is getting a bit old. It’s been one solid week of rain.

During November, when I expected lots of rain, it wasn’t bad at all–only really lost one day to rain. While it rained most if not every day, it was confined to the afternoon and brief (though heavy at times) showers.

Yesterday I heard some parrots squawking from the deck and investigated to find some Mealy Amazon Parrots feeding on one of the trees in the yard here. That was a nice find!

Mealy Amazon Parrot, Gamboa, Panama

Mealy Amazon Parrot, Gamboa, Panama

I also imaged this lovely butterfly down on the grounds of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

This past week, has been tough. Overcast and the times it has NOT been raining are noticeable.  (You find yourself wondering ‘what’s missing?’… something is ‘off’, somethign is ‘odd’. Oh, it’s the sound of thunderous rain that’s missing!!)

Well, I suppose thats why they call it the rain-forest.

I was planning a trip to the Darien this week, but with the amount of rain we’ve been getting we’re going to put that off until after Christmas. Simply too much chance that the rain has washed out roads, trails and bridges to take a trip like that…even if the rain stops and it clears up right NOW!

I spent a few hours at the Rainforest Discovery Center this morning–it’s a popular place on a rainy day as they have great hummingbird feeders and a large, covered deck. It always presents the possibility of a Motmot or Trogon dropping by. Today we had Broadbilled Motmot, Squirrel Cuckoo, a very cooperative Western Slaty Antshrike, and some Mannikins in addition to the usual hummingbirds.

Oh, and a spider. 



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