Mi Amigo flees for drier climate! Canopy Lodge birds–Dec 9th

12 12 2010

Up early and on the road to Tocumen Airport to drop Chris off for his flight home.

While I felt bad we’d had so much rain (wettest week in my 5 weeks here by a loooong shot) Chris was quite satisfied. It being his first time in Panama as a photog (he’d been here as a surfer a few times) most everything was new to him and he had a blast.

Since it’s still raining today, I’m taking the day off (unless it stops raining, in which case I’ll rush into the field all excited-like) and won’t be taking any images. Instead, I’ll read and catch up on a few things–especially this blog which is falling behind.

So for images, I’ll go back to earlier in the week when we were graciously invited to spend the (rainy) afternoon at the Canopy Lodge in El Valle. I stayed at the Lodge last December for a week and really enjoyed it. GREAT rooms, a truly stunning lodge grounds with a genuine ‘river runs through it’ and just loaded with birds. I’d corresponded with Raul Arias de Para before coming down on this trip. Raul is the maestro who conceived Canopy Tower/Lodge/Adventures and is a true gentleman. In the course of that correspondence Raul graciously invited me to stop by any of his facilities at my leisure. Their theme of Canopy Tower ‘Family’ means more than just marketing, it seems.  While in El Valle this trip, I’d run into Carlo Bethancourt and he’d suggested that if we encountered a rainy afternoon then the Lodge feeders would be an open invitation for some ‘out of the drizzle’ shooting……so we took him up on it.

The feeders were loaded with Aracari. (along with dozens of the usual suspects–tanagers, honeycreepers, etc., etc.)

I just love Aracari.

Aracari--signaling the attack-Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Anton, Panama

They’re beautiful, and dangerous.

Aracari showing dangerous weaponry--The Bill of Death

They have a bill that can peel the sheet metal off of cars when they are hungry and want to get to some fresh meat.

Aracari-Slashing Attack Mode

I carry a very large machete in the field for the express purpose of fighting them off in the jungle and I’ve been in many strenuous battles with them over the years.  I’ve got scars from the times they almost had me…..

Amigo, Don't Be Silly, We Eat BANANAS!!


Alright, alright. They eat bananas. And they’re shy.

But it’d make a hell of a story if they were dangerous, wouldn’t it?

So let’s move on to the Chestnut Headed Oropendula. Oropendula, in Spanish, means ‘Bone Breaker of Men’………

Chestnut Headed Oropendula, Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Anton, Panama

Ok, ok. I just got a call from the Canopy Tower asking me to knock it off.

Oropendulas are frugivores and eat bananas too. Not much of a story there, so I’ll sign off for the day.

Hasta La Vista!



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