Cerro Azul, y Tengo Infermo: Dec 7th

11 12 2010

Yes, it was the eve of the anniversary of the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and both Chris and I were under attack. We’d contracted some sort of a flu-like thing which was beating the tar out of us both. Chris felt it first–and of course I thought he was being a big wussy and told him so (to my chagrin later). We both got one hell of a fever, so as soon as we got to the hotel in Cerro Azul we laid down and that was it for us both. No dinner, no nada. Just one rough night.

However, we awoke having won the battle, so…. full of the joy of Victory, we headed out to see what we could see. Cerro Azul is another private development and we were the guests of Bill and Claudia Ahrens. One of the guys I met on my Barro Colorado trip (Eduardo) lives in Cerro Azul and put me in touch with them and they graciously extended an offer to visit.

Arriving at Bill and Claudias, we were greeted with a hot cup of Joe (I’m loving Panama!) which really hit the spot, along with some coffee cake.

And birds. Wow. Bill and Claudia have got their yard wired. The Bay Headed Tanager has been a bit of a nemisis bird for me. I got a couple of bad shots last yea)r in El Valle. This year I got better ones (you saw the post from a couple of days ago, I hope). Well, Bay Headed Tanagers are like Christmas Ornaments at the Ahrens place. They festoon the yard, along with Golden Hooded Tanagers (another normally tough bird). Add to that Black Cheeked Woodpecker, several species of Honeycreeper. and some really cooperative Euphonia and you’ve got one hell of a colorful backyard.

Golden Hooded Tanager, Cerro Azul, Panama

Bay Headed Tanager-Cerro Azul, Panama

But foks, that’s not all. Yes folks, you not only get these Tanagers and Euphonias and Honeycreepers when you visit the Ahrens backyard…but today, and today only, when you pay a visit you get the wily Olingo!! That’s right folks…I said Olingo!! Now you know as well as I know the Olingo is a nocturnal creature that is only rarely seen but folks, this Olingo is going to come out in the daytime for you and POSE FOR YOUR CAMERA!!!!! Call now, Operaters are Standing by! Claim your Olingo now!

Olingo, Cerro Azul, Panama

But no, that’s not all folks! The first 15,000 callers will get one FREE Violet Headed Hummingbird. That’s right, I said free. Just pay shipping and handling (Shipping and Handling is 345,000 dollars, since every one ships with a substantial chunk of the Ahrens backyard……I do need to check with them on this last part!..Bill and Claudia—if you’re reading this, 15,000 times $345,000 is a serious chunk of change. I think this will work if we can just find 14,999 more Violet Headed Hummingbirds)

Violet Headed Hummingbird, Cerro Azul, Panama

In the meantime, Muchos Gracias to Bill and Claudia Ahrens!



One response

16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

That Olingo–that is the face we saw peering down at us on a night drive out of the Tower–but what a trick to catch it posing during the day! Lucky lucky you. And what colors on that hummingbird!!

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