Hummingbird-Fest, Dec 2nd

4 12 2010

Awoke to overcast skies, so we decided to do a quick run through the grounds of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and then give a quick look at the Ammo Dump ponds (which we did for nada) and then head over to the Discovery Center. I wanted to get Chris up in the Tower to look for canopy birds and raptors/parrots flying by.

We found some nice birds at the GRR, I showed Chris my Favorite tree there. It’s got few small branches, just lots of big ones, and it’s completely festooned with bromeliads and moss. Photogenic as it could possibly be. When I showed it to Chris he agreed, it is unquestionably the best bird photography tree in the known universe (and possibly, in the unknown universe as well, but we just can’t know that until we do more research)

Our best bird there was a Masked Tityra–handsome devil, huh?

Masked Tityra, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama

Next stop was the Ammo Dump, which dumped on us for nada.

So off we were to the Discovery Center to get Chris up in that tower……Never made it past the hummingbird feeders. Chris was hooked the minute we got there. The staff at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center were their usual friendly, helpful selves and so we had a great morning shooting (or, more accurately TRYING) hummingbirds on the wing. As usual, the feeders had a wide variety of hummers whizzing about. At one point I had one hit me in the hat, and Chris had one fly into his armpit (which may be of interest to those studying the level of intellegence in hummingbirds, or perhaps their sense of smell?). My favorite shot of the day is a unique one, I was able to capture a Long-Tailed Hermit and a Little Hermit in the same frame. Way cool.

Long-Tailed Hermit and Little Hermit Hummingbirds-Discovery Center, Gamboa, Panama

My final image for you for this day is a shot of some little tiny mushrooms that we spotted growing on the side of a tree right by the entrance to the Center. They largest of them is about a half an inch high—they are defiantly mini-hobbit style habitat.


Next stop, El Valle de Anton, home of the famous Canopy Lodge (where I stayed last year for a bounteous harvest of birds, great service, great rooms, great guides and great friends).

Itsy Bitsy Teensy Mushrooms (scientific name: Istzibitziteensi fungosity)



2 responses

23 12 2010
paul wallace


Unbelievable shots.
When we met at the tower last year you were happy to be away from frigid Wisconsin. That rain could be treacherous ice.

As I say, awesome shots.

16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

Love the Istzibitziteensi fungosity.

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