Barro Colorado Island, Dec 1st.

1 12 2010

Went to Barro Colorado Island with Chris today. You’ll recall that Barro has been a protected wildlife area since the building of the Canal, so it’s been protected for over 80 years. While we were hoping for lots of mammals, and particularly Howler and Spider Monkeys, were were disappointed in that regard. However, we did find some insane insects today and I’ve posted a couple of shots for your consideration.


The first was an insect we saw working along the surface of a HUGE tree. We couldn’t figure out what it was. When it moved, we couldn’t tell if it was walking or flying, and when it stood still, we couldn’t see it at all!!

Well, we finally found it (them) by looking for them in side-light. Wow. Looks like a mosquito, but this thing stands a solid inch and a half off the surface.

Unknown Insect, Barro Colorado Island

The second is a butterfly I’ve been looking for for several years now. A few years ago, in the jungle of Costa Rica, I say a transparent winged butterfly that was stunning. It had green on the back part of it’s wings, but otherwise the wings were like glass. Very cool.

Today, we saw a red flying insect flitting up the trail. It landed and we decided to try for a shot. I got it in the viewfinder….and I’ll just let this image speak for itself. Wow.

Transparent Winged Butterly, Barro Colorado Island



3 responses

1 12 2010
Frank L from FM site

Hi John, good to see you have a shooting buddy now. What a fantastic couple of days you have. Shooting from ourside the door? My kind of place, I am just drooling with all the birds you guys are hitting. Have fun.

16 05 2012
Mary Ann G

So glad you did get the shot…it’s one of the most beautiful ever! BCI is a cool place.

4 12 2012

Your first insect looks like a Crane fly

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