One Amigo goes, another Arrives-Nov 29

29 11 2010

Little Jesus (Jesus’ 4 year old son) left today for La Chorrera with his Mom.  They’re going to stay with family there for awhile, so I’ve got the run of the casa tonight (Jesus Sr. went with, but he’ll be back tomorrow). So, my lil Amigo is gone, so sad cause he’s a great little fella, and since he adjusted to me as an incredibly stupid gringo who understands very little of what is said, we had a ball hanging out. Funny how kids love a big stupid guy….

And speaking of folks who don’t mind hanging with a big stupid guy, my Amigo Chris Mayne arrives tonight! We are going to have a blast hunting through these jungles together!

Got out for just an hour and a half or so this morning. Did some walking on the grounds of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. I was surprised to find a Barred Antshrike this morning—they’re a Pacific slope bird and we mostly get Caribbean slope birds here (being on the ‘east’ side of the divide).  Got a few nice shots, and I’ll have to go back to that area and get more. They are handsome birds! Also saw Lemon Rumped Tanagers, which again, I’ve not seen in this area.  Got some shots of the female, but the male Lemon Rumped is an elusive bird!! Easy to see, hard to capture.

Only stayed out for a short while as the rain started early today, and it’s been a constant drizzle. On my last trip to Costa Rica I’d become quite comfortable with Canon’s wheather sealling on their lenses and bodies…..and one day I looked through my beloved 300mm f2.8 and it was foggy. I wiped the eyepiece (which is usually what fogs) and it did no good. I turned the lens around and there was a big, perfect circle of fog on the INSIDE of the glass. Ouch!! So much for that lens on that trip!  Canon did a service which was surprisingly inexpensive, and made it like new. But it has made me more careful with the gear in the drizzle.

So I came back to the crib and put out some banannas and sure enough, my resident Blue Crowned Motmot came by for a session in the studio.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’m heading into town to do a stock up on groceries for Chris and I, and then in to Tocumen airport tonight to pick him up.

Get ready for awesome adventures–with Chris here we’re going to hit it hard and long every day. He’s got ten days, and we’re going to make the most of it!

Hasta  Luego!

Barred Antshrike, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Gamboa, Panama

Blue Crowned Motmot, Portait. Gamboa, Panama



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