Got my Yellow Tailed, my Cinnamon, and my Red Eye On–Nov. 26

27 11 2010

Many of you who’ve been reading this blog have probably been wondering why I’ve obsessed over the mythical Yellow Tailed Oriole. Well, you can wonder no more because today I had a little session with him. What a gorgeous bird.

And, while I was at it and in virtually the same spot, a gorgeous Cinnamon Woodpecker came by for some time in my studio.

After dark, the shooting was not over. I say again, “Thank You, JESUS!” because Jesus told me where the red-eyed frogs live in Gamboa. Went there after dark and had a little one-on-one time with the little flame eyed beauties.

It was a Good Day.

Spent virtually the entire day at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. My good amigo Jose Soto, who I met last year at the Canopy Tower, is now working there and he’s been most gracious in allowing me the run of the grounds for my photography…letting the staff know that there was this crazy Camouflaged Americano with a big lens who might turn up just about anywhere……and to just ignore him. As you’ve seen from previous postings, I LIKE the place, and have lunch there most days. The staff is as gracious and professional as you’ll find anywhere, and the grounds are both beautiful and just brimming with birds. In addition to the birds/frogs pictured, I saw Blue Capped Mannikin, Slaty Tailed and Violacious Trogon, Cinnamon Becard, Social and Tropical Flycatchers, Masked Tityra, Variable Seedeater, Smooth Billed Ani, Tricolored and Little Blue Heron, Southern Lapwing, Rufescent Tiger Heron, and about a dozen more common species. And I didn’t even try hard!! Tree Frog, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama

Cinnamon Woodpecker, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama

Yellow Tailed Oriole, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama



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