Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25th

25 11 2010

The thing crept up on me–Thanksgiving. Forgot all about it. Went down to the Ammo Dump Ponds at first light and got to watch a Rufescent Tiger Heron take a sizable snake for breakfast. It was pretty foggy and there wasn’t much light so the images aren’t presentable—so you’ll have to take my word for it–there were a few minutes there where I wasn’t sure who was eating who! The Heron finally got the snake subdued and he had one heck of a T-day breakfast. I was honestly surprised he was able to get it down.

Headed over to Pipeline Road next and did a big walk, the whole length, for not much at all. Pipeline Road is, like most places I guess, hot and cold and today was cold. Hiked about 10km in total and came back a bit tired and hot and not much on the old memory cards. (just a Chestnut Mandibled Toucan, Chestnut Backed Antbird, Dot-Winged Ant Wren, Slatey Tailed Trogon (f) and a Mannikin (f)) and I was so desparate I shot image of a dragonfly and a lizard too!) So I took a quick shower and headed up to Gamboa Rainforest Resort in hopes they had some sort of a Thanksgiving meal on tap for us touristas.

Suddenly, my luck turned. It went from a birdless, hot, disappointing morning to an afternoon of Goodness. Thank you, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, for a fine Turkey dinner today. And thank you for not making it a buffet and for keeping the portions reasonable. I walked away delighted at a really well prepared meal, and yet not gorged beyond human imagination.  Imagine that!!

Headed into Panama City and did some grocery shopping and made it back to Gamboa before the late afternoon rain hit. All in all, twas a good day. (I use words like ’twas’ when I’m feeling all dreamily like after a nice Turkey dinner.)

I’m left with a post Turkey glow, as I hope you are, and I leave you with a shot from today of one of my favorite lil’ tiny, itsy bitsy little birds. The Common Tody Flycatcher. They’re only slightly larger than that bee I showed you!

Common Tody Flycatcher-Ammo Dump Ponds, Gamboa, Panama



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