Boat Trip on Gatun Lake-Nov 24

24 11 2010

Went out on a boat on Gatun lake with three very nice folks from Belgium today. Gonzalo Horna, a guide out of Panama City, sets these up and it’s shooting from a small pontoon boat. Slower than the dickens getting out there. We couldn’t go up the Chagres River as originally intended as they had it boomed off to keep floating vegetation from heading for the locks, and they had a bit of engine trouble, so with all that it took quite a while to get to the area of Gatun we needed to be in.

Anyway, once we got there is was pretty good. Lots of Snail Kites, and I got some decent shots of them feeding on apple snails and a couple of good flight shots. The good stuff was finding some howler monkeys with babies again. These babies were a bit more mature and independent…moving around and doing some feeding (they eat leaves) on their own. Also found a good troop of white faced capuchin monkeys, and of course the ever present mangrove swallows.

Got back around noon and headed to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort for a most excellent meal. I must say, I haven’t had a meal there that wasn’t as good as you can get anywhere. They definitely know how to keep good cooks aboard.  Headed to the casa after lunch to do a little processing of today’s images, intending to go back to Ammo Dump Ponds this afternoon and stake it out for the fabulous yellow tailed oriole. No joy….it started raining so I’ve had to settle for some reading and downloading (how did we EVER live with dial-up connections?)

So, tonights images, a Snail Kite with an Apple Snail (he’s a juvenile, using his wings for balance as he yanks the meat out) and a mother Howler Monkey and her baby.

Howler Monkey with Baby, Gatun Lake, Panama

Juvenile Snail Kite with Prey-Gatun Lake, Panama



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