I’m Cuckoo for Panama Rainforest Discovery Center

22 11 2010

Pheasant Cuckoo, Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, Gamboa, Panama

Yes, of course I went back again. After yesterday’s success….and with the rumor of yet another Cuckoo species in the area, I thought it best to run on down there first thing.

My mission, find and photograph the Pheasant Cuckoo.

I walk down the first trail and stop at a trail intersection…..I’m hearing a little ‘crunching’ sound in some brush next to the trail. I think it sounds like an agouti (a large rodent–think ‘oh, the Capybara’s land dwelling and slightly smaller cousin’…if you don’t know what a Capybara is think, ‘Oh, a 15lb Rat that can run like a bat outa hell’ ) eating a seed or something. I stop, I look, I listen.

Aha, movement in the brush. As my eyes get adjusted to the VERY dim lighting under the brush, I am….as any college girl can tell you…’OMG, AMAAAAAAAZED’.

It’s a Pheasant Cuckoo. After watching him for awhile, I realize he’s feeding. He emits a low ‘crunch’ or ‘munch’ or ‘growl’ sound while bobing a bit and fluffing his feathers. He does that for about 4-5 seconds, and each time he then darts forward a step or two and gobbles a bug. Most interesting. I’ve got video of it that I shot and I’ll post that once I get a chance to process it.

After I get some shots, and video, of the bird feeding it starts to rain and I head for cover for a half an hour or so. Then I come back, and he’s still there and feeding. I work him for another half an hour or so and out he comes, and flys off.

I follow.

And I find him perched on a vine in a patch of what passes for ‘sunlight’ on an overcast day in the jungle.

So, tonights bird, the Amaaaaazing Pheasant Cuckoo.

In the first shot, you get the Full Frontal Glory of this bird. He’s got quite the set of feathers..Enjoy

The second shot shows what one looks like when he’s sitting facing away from you. Not like a bird at all. More like a ‘What in God’s Name is THAT??’

Pheasant Cuckoo from Behind, Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, Gamboa, Panama



2 responses

13 12 2010
Venicio Wilson

Great narrative!

14 05 2012
Mary Ann G

Haha, my thoughts exactly (i.e., what the HECK is that??)! Where is all this video you talk about? Is it still posted somewhere?

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