Blue Hair Day, Nov 20th

20 11 2010

Wow, yesterday I did serious one on one, and two on one(!) photo shoots with some good looking redheards, and today I’m in love with a blue hair!

I’ll admit I have some misgivings going in…I’d never thought about blue hairs that way. But then I saw her….she was exotic, her figure naturally full, gorgeous red eyes that just captivated me. What the heck, I’ll take a walk on the wild side.

And so now I say, ‘Once you’ve gone blue hair, you’ll never go back!’. Well, actually…let me be honest here, I’ll never look back..I’ll go back with my redheards again if I get half a chance.

You gots to admit…this is one seriously good looking bird. The Blue Crowned Motmot is a beauty. If I was God and it was Bird Making Day, I might have just stopped right then. All the angels woulda said, ‘Hey God, Great Bird! Make some more‘.  And I’d have said, ‘Honestly, Angels, I know I can make more, I’m just not sure I can make any better!.  (<–that wasn’t emphasis being added with the font, that’s God talking!) I mean, it could have happened that way, if I was God, that’s all I’m saying. For all you know, the Blue Crowned Motmot could be the last bird that God made….

So, here’s the bird. Clearly, one of my favorite species…..and a clear candidate for the last bird made if my logic is sound.

Blue Crowned Motmot, Panama City, Panama


So, how did I get this bird, you ask? Well, I went to Parque Natural Metropolitano in downtown Panama City, Panama. Had to check it out. Lives up to it’s reputation. Incredible views of the city……and incredible views of this bird.

Cuidad Panama from the Mirador at Parque Natural Metropolitano

Blue Crowned Motmot



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