Redhead Day, Nov 19th

19 11 2010

Got up early and over to Pipeline road to try for the Ground Cuckoo (Think ‘Roadrunner…as the Roadrunner is also a ground cuckoo, except this one lives in the jungle and Wile E. Coyote would get eaten before noon around here)   No joy.

Not to worry. It was a day for me and a few good lookin red-heads to have a little photo shoot.

First up,….the twins.

These are a couple of Red-Capped Mannikins. Mannikins are great little birds. In breeding season, the males display on a display area (called a lek)  they prepare by cleaning off all the stray leaves, etc. Then they commence to putting on a show for the ladies. (Apparently female mannikins enjoy a little beefcake show!) It’s not breeding season yet for a month or two, but I’ll hopefully get some video of some performing on their lek later on.

Red-Capped Mannikins, Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama

Coming back to Gamboa village, I found this next beautiful redhead in a very unusual environment for the species. This is a Rufescent Tiger Heron. Now, there’s a very reliable one on the way to Pipeline Road at a place known as the Ammo Dump Ponds (because they are ponds, at an ammo dump–remarkably logical, that).  But, that Rufescent Tiger Heron is usually 50 or a hundred yards out, and most days all you can see is his head above the grass. That’s the sort of swampy area you expect to find one in.

You don’t expect to find one by the side of the road, with cars driving by, in a grassy area. But that’s where this one was. And my, my, oh my!! Was he cooperative. Got within six feet of him before he would get nervous. took shots standing, kneeling, laying down. Left profile, right profile, frontal, quartering, etc., etc. etc.. I even popped home and returned with my 800 for a few shots with that lens! (Had my 300 with me this morning.)

Oh, and ‘Rufescent’ refers to the coloration. It means ‘rust colored’. It comes from the root ‘Rufus’ which is, like,  latin… for the greek or something.

Enjoy the bird, I sure did.

Rufescent Tiger Heron, Gamboa, Panama



3 responses

19 11 2010
Mike Liskay

Really enjoyed these shots and you entire blog. Keep blogging buddy!

19 11 2010
Frank from FM site

2 very nice ‘red head’ find. You must be pumped witht that heron!!

20 11 2010
Mike Liskay

Real nice shots, especially the Heron!

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