Say hello to my lil’ friends, again (Nov 18th)

18 11 2010

Si, my little amigos dropped by this morning again. I just couldn’t resist hammering the shutter button with such cooperative subjects!!

Took another easy day since my blisters developed blisters of their own, literally one on top of another. There must be some blister high-rise zoning rules that be violate, huh?

So I spent the day going to Panama City to pick up a local cell phone (Got the deluxe economy model at all of 16 dollars for the phone itself.)  That will be useful to stay in touch with my new local friends (mostly local guides and otherwisely ‘birdy’ people) Drove past Miraflores locks just as several ‘Panamax’ ships were going through. Wow, there is no room to spare when those things go through. Impressive.

Heading out to Pipeline early as one of the guides I know got the Rufous Vented Ground Cuckoo there this morning. I’ll try for him first thing. Heard one the other day at an ant swarm at the very end of Plantation Road, but didn’t get a glimpse. (For those unfamiliar, getting a picture of one is a BIG deal. They are quite rare and VERY shy)

So here are today’s shots of Geoffroy’s Tamarins. I may get tired of them, but it’s not happening yet!

Yet Another Geoffroy's Tamarin, Gamboa, Panama

Geoffroy's Tamarin, Gamboa Village, Panama



2 responses

18 11 2010
JD Afdem

Hey dad just checked you blog again. I love the Tamarins and the mushroom you were telling me about. It looks like you have a bunch of spectacular images. I know pananma is treating you well but i miss you and hope to see you soon.

PS- If you happen to catch an American Dipper please let me know!!!!

18 11 2010

Son, you sure know how to hurt a guy!! You’re never going to let me live down that American Dipper, are you?

Some day, you’ll be interviewing for the most important job or promotion of your life, or perhaps proposing marriage to your soul mate, and I pray, that at that critical moment they say: ‘Ok, it’s a deal if you can tell me what the American Dipper preys on”. At that moment, you will finally and truly appreciate me!!

Love ya, Son

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