Too much Bug, not enough Stick, Nov 16th

16 11 2010

Another Easy day. After yesterday’s Death March (17kilometers according to the GPS) it’s recovery time. I’ll spend it hitting the trails around the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (nice place, free wireless internet in the lobby/bar, so for the price of a beer I can catch up on things and rehydrate at the same time.) Nice short easy trails, lots of birds…what’s not to like?

So on to today’s image. Here’s a shot from yesterday right at the start of the Plantation Road. This is a clear example of what happens when a Stickbug is acting all ‘bug’ when he should be acting all ‘stick’.  That’s a Fasciated Antshrike that’s got him. He shared that bug with his whole family. I got some shots of him giving his daughter a nice chunk and she ate it with gusto. As I channel antbirds, I know he was thinking, ‘Nothing is too good for my baby girl!’. Do bear in mind, that Antshrike is a solid 8-9 inches long. That makes that stickbug a solid foot-long dinner. Batter-dipped and Fried, you could serve them at the State Fair and nobody would feel cheated.

It’s not the best shot in the world…could be a touch sharper, but handheld at iso3200 and 1/50th of a second at f3.2, it’s a testament to lucky shooting. (For you non-photogs out there–that’s stretching the very limits of low light photography of things that move. Hell, it breaks several serious  laws (felonies, I believe) of physics that I got this shot. That computer-talking wheelchair physics guy would blow a micro-processor if he knew how hard I blew right through some quantum mechanical laws and stuff with this shot. Somebody would have to reboot that guy to get him going again.  It is also a testament to Canon’s 1D Mark IV.)

Fasciated Antshrike (adult male) with BIG Stickbug



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